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Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information

What is the name of the young babysitter who was left in charge of caring for the youngest member of the Incredible family?

Kari. Violet and Dash snuck on board when their mother went to rescue their father. Violet left Kari in charge of Jack-Jack. Bret Park provided the voice of Kari. I hope you've enjoyed this quiz!

What is the name of the final villain who challenges the Incredible family, at the very end of the movie?

The Underminer. This villain only reveals himself at the very end of the movie. John Ratzenberger provided the voice of the Underminer. He also lent his voice to Hamm in the "Toy Story" movies, P.T. Flea in "A Bug's Life", the Yeti in "Monsters Inc.", and the Fish School in "Finding Nemo".

What is the name that the main villain uses at the time that he kidnaps Mr. Incredible?

Syndrome. Syndrome is actually the very bitter and very angry "Incrediboy", who dedicates his life to destroying natural born superheroes. He is out to prove that self-made gadgets are superior to innate special powers. He has a personal vendetta against Mr. Incredible. Jason Lee provided the voice of Syndrome.

What is the name of the Superhero costume designer who provides the Incredible family with their crime-fighting threads?

Edna Mode . Edna "E" Mode is the half German, half Japanese designer who designs the clothes for all the superheroes. Each outfit is designed specifically to accommodate the superpowers the superhero possesses. Edna has a particular dislike for supermodels and capes. Brad Bird (writer and director of "The Incredibles") provides the voice of Edna.

What is the name of the white-haired lady who contacts Mr. Incredible after he is fired, and convinces him to get back into the crime fighting business?

Mirage. Mirage seems to respect her boss; however, that is before Syndrome's true nature is revealed to her. She later finds herself respecting Mr. Incredible more. Elizabeth Pe?a provides the voice of Mirage.

What is the name of the boy that Mr. Incredible's (and Elastigirl's) daughter has a crush on?

Tony. Violet is especially shy around Tony; however, she seems more at ease with him later, when she does not have to deny the superpowers she possesses. Michael Bird provides the voice for Tony Rydinger.

What was the name of Mr. Incredible's boss, when he worked at the insurance agency?

Gilbert Huph. Gilbert was the head of the insurance agency, who seemed more concerned with making a profit than really helping their clients. He later is forced to fire Mr. Incredible, when he exhibits his superpower strength on Gilbert himself. Wallace Shawn provides the voice of Gilbert Huph. He also provided the voice of Rex in the "Toy Story" movies.

What is the name of the French thief who bombed the bank at the beginning of the movie?

Bomb Voyage. Bomb Voyage spoke French fluently and was able to get away, thanks to the bomb he threw on Incrediboy, forcing Mr. Incredible to save his fan rather than capture the criminal. Dominique Louis provided the voice of Bomb Voyage.

What is the real name of Mr. Incredible's biggest fan, who wants nothing more than to be his sidekick?

Buddy. Buddy Pine aka "Incrediboy" worshipped Mr. Incredible, and unfortunately foiled Mr. Incredible's attempt to stop a French thief from robbing a bank. Mr. Incredible's unwillingness to accept Buddy's help creates a great deal of resentment that later has serious repercussions.

What name does Frozone use when he is not a superhero?

Lucius Best. Frozone has amazing freezing abilities. He has the power to create ice from moisture in the air, and then moves on the ice with his special boots. He is also a good buddy of Mr. Incredible. Samuel L. Jackson provides the voice of Frozone.

What is the name of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's infant son?

Jack-Jack. Jack is the youngest member of the Parr family and as of yet does not have any superpowers....or does he?

What is the name of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's hyper ten-year old son?

Dash . Dash was having a hard time because he was unable to use his super fast powers to participate in sports. He found himself getting into trouble at school because of the need to release some of his pent-up energies. Spencer Fox provides the voice for Dash.

What is the name of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's teenage daughter?

Violet. Violet is a self-conscious teenager who is able to make herself invisible and create protective force fields. Sarah Vowell provides the voice for Violet.

What name did Elastigirl use when she was not out fighting crime?

Helen Parr. Helen is able to stretch her body in hundreds of different ways. She accepted having to hide her superpowers and continued her quiet suburban life as a homemaker. Holly Hunter provides the voice for Elastigirl.

What name did Mr. Incredible use when he was living the quiet suburban life and was in hiding?

Bob Parr . Due to various lawsuits the superheroes are forced into a kind of witness protection program, and told that they are no longer allowed to use their superpowers. After going into hiding, Mr. Incredible becomes an insurance adjuster. Craig T. Nelson provides the voice for Mr. Incredible.

What are the mom and dad's first names?

Bob and Helen. The dad's first name is really Robert, and they married on the day Bob saved a cat from a tree, stopped a robber, and almost stopped Bomb Voyage.

According to Bob and Lucius, which night is "bowling" night?

Wednesday. They don't really bowl, they fight crime. That's how Mirage found out about Bob and Lucius. One time they were saving people from a burning building, crashed through a wall to a bank, and police thought they were robbers because they had full face masks on.

Why didn't Edna Mode want Mr. Incredible to have a cape?

because capes are dangerous. Edna doesn't like capes because every superhero who had a cape died because of it.

What was Syndrome's robot called?

Omnidroid. He (Syndrome) was Mr. Incredible?s biggest fan; until he found out that he couldn't be his sidekick. Then he made all these gadgets with the plan of selling them. Then the said: "When everybody's super (when they get the gadgets), no one will [be Super]." (He's talking about killing the supers, and when everyone's super, everyone will still be normal.) Jason Lee provides the voice of Syndrome.

What is the city that the Parrs live in called?

Metroville. They live in the suburbs of this imaginary city. It is never said where it is on a map.

What is Jack-Jack's babysitter's name?

Kari. She insisted that she stay to babysit Jack-Jack, and was the first to witness Jack-Jack's "special needs" (his powers).

After the Golden Years, what industry does Bob work for?

Insurance. He has amazing strength and once was slimmer, but since he couldn't fight crime, he let himself go. Craig T. Nelson provides the voice. He got fired when he threw his boss into five walls.

What was the mom's super power?

elastic. She can stretch herself every which way, and is okay with the fact that she can't fight crime any more and is a stay-at-home mom. Holly Hunter provides the voice.

What is Violet's special power?

Invisibility/Force Field. She has the power of invisibility/force field, and she is in love with a boy named Tony Rydinger. Sarah Vowell provides the voice.

What does Dash say when they stop rolling in the camper in Downtown Metroville?

"Let's do that again!". He has the ability of super speed, and his full name is Dashiell Parr. Spencer Fox provides the voice. Dash is a hyper 10-year-old who annoys Violet and once got in trouble for putting a tack on the teacher's chair (but they couldn't prove it). The qoute occurred when the family used 'the rocket' to fly to Metroville.

This is not the first time that the director of this film, Brad Bird, has directed a successful animated motion picture. What else did he direct?

The Iron Giant. Bird directed the absolutely brilliant "The Iron Giant" (go check it out!), but made no contributions to any of the other films listed.

What is the name of the villain who makes a dramatic appearance at the very end of this film?

The Underminer. A short, stout man who uses gigantic machinery to burrow up to street level from deep underground? Sounds a lot like the Mole Man, whom the Fantastic Four (Marvel Comics' "first family") battled in the very first issue of their comic book...and, given the powers of The Incredibles, the Fantastic Four seem to have been a strong influence on writer/director Brad Bird all the way around!

When Mr. Incredible first decides to get back into shape for his revitalized super-hero career, his waist measures 50 inches. After working out for some time, he's pleased with his new waistline. What's the new measurement?

36 inches. We see these measurements clearly on the tape measure that Bob uses.

What is the real first name of Mirage, Syndrome's partner?

It's never revealed. Mirage, voiced by Elizabeth Pena, never tells anyone in the film her real name.

While flying in what he thinks is a government-owned, auto-piloted aircraft, Mr. Incredible is offered a second helping of something by the craft's apparently semi-intelligent computer. What is it?

mimosa. Bob Parr is eating shrimp cocktail and drinking mimosa. The computer asks if he would like more mimosa (which, by the way, is a drink made with champagne and orange juice), and he accepts a second glass. (He's never offered a second helping of shrimp cocktail.)

Aside from the Parrs and Frozone, we get glimpses of a number of other super-heroes in the film. Which is NOT one of them?

Blue Tiger. Gazer Beam is found dead at Syndrome's island. Thunderhead is one of the deceased heroes mentioned by Edna. Gamma Jack is one of the heroes whose files Bob Parr comes across in Syndrome's computer. I made up "Blue Tiger".


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